Thanks to YOU, this year the PTA has raised 3722.77 towards our annual $15,000 fundraising goal!

Let’s see if we can get the rest of the way!

The Dundalk Elementary School PTA has been working hard to raise funds, to better serve the students at our school. Each year, we put on several fundraisers, like the Family Bowling Night, Claire’s Sale, Popcorn Sale, Holiday Grams, & the Holiday Shoppe.

We host these events, not only because they are fun for our students, but so we can raise money to better support our students and teachers.

Events like Movie Night, Cultural Assemblies, the 5th Grade Farewell, Trunk-or-Treat, Teacher Luncheons, Teacher Appreciation Week, and the End-of-the-Year Sports Day event are all just some of the things that are funded with the money raised by the PTA.

Without the PTA, we would not be able to offer these fantastic events and supports to our students at Dundalk Elementary.

And guess what? Your support matters!

So you’re asking, “how can I help the PTA?”

Don’t worry, it’s super easy! By participating in these fundraisers, you can help the PTA reach these goals. When given the opportunity, sell that popcorn, send those holiday-grams, and join us for our fundraising events!

“But what if I don’t want to sell stuff?”

No worries! There are many other ways to help! Some of our volunteers are great at collecting donations for raffle baskets, or donating gift cards to purchase food for our events, and that is always super helpful.

And did you know that you can also make monetary donations to the PTA?! Unlike events and other fundraisers, when you make a monetary donation to the PTA, 100% of those funds go straight towards the PTA. And that means more funds, to provide more experiences for the children at Dundalk Elementary.

If you would like to make a donation, have a fundraising idea, or would like to find out more on how you can help the PTA, please reach out to the board. We also invite you to join our interactive Facebook Group, where you can share your ideas with other PTA members and get involved!

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