Movie Night: Hotel Transylvania 3

We want to thank all of the students & families (over 120 of you!) that came out to support the DES PTA & enjoy another Movie Night!

Not only were our DES PTA volunteers were on hand to pass out popcorn and drinks, but our wonderful principals stayed late to enjoy the movie with everyone!

It was fantastic to see all of the students snuggled up with their families, enjoying some fresh-popped popcorn & watching Hotel Transylvania 3.

Even more, thanks to you, the PTA raised over $215!!! That will certainly go a long way in helping us reach our fundraising goal, for the students of Dundalk Elementary. Thank you!

Did you get a chance to vote, for the movie? If not, be sure to join our interactive Facebook group, so you can share your ideas for future events.

We can’t wait to see you at our next Movie Night!

Also, don’t forget that our Cupid-Gram Fundraiser is still on! You have until February 12th to send in your grams. Click here, for more additional forms & more information on the Cupid-Gram Fundraiser.

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